Financial Precision and Improvement Exclusively for Hospitals and Health Systems

Improve your organization’s financial position and operating margin.

The Key is Relifing of Assets

Our proprietary asset relifing services have delivered $100’s of millions of dollars in financial improvement to our hospital and healthcare clients across the United States.

We are Principle Valuation

Principle Valuation is a healthcare asset relifing and valuation firm headquartered in Chicago, Illinois.

Our team’s breath of experience, with many of our consultants having over 30 years of experience, is what makes Principle Valuation the nation’s leading firm in healthcare Asset Relifing and Valuation.

Our tested methodology and valuation database is two decades in the making and assures our clients unrivaled financial results.

What We Do

Our in-depth expertise and commitment to service has produced a set of solutions to maximize financial performance and compliance in the following areas:

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